32 Quick and Easy Microwave Recipes

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The microwave oven has become an essential appliance in most kitchens today. It offers a fast and convenient way to cook or reheat food. Microwaving is quick, easy and can help you get dinner on the table in a hurry.

While the microwave is best suited for reheating leftovers, it can also be used to cook full meals from scratch in a fraction of the time it would take with conventional cooking methods. With a little creativity, you’d be surprised at the variety of dishes you can whip up in the microwave.

This article shares 25 quick and easy microwave recipes perfect for busy weeknights or impromptu entertaining. From appetizers and eggs to meats, pasta, vegetables and desserts, these microwave dishes prove you can make just about anything in the microwave.

Benefits of Microwave Cooking

Microwave ovens use radio waves to quickly heat and cook food. Here are some of the benefits of microwave cooking:

  • Speed – Microwaves cook food very quickly, often much faster than conventional ovens or stovetops. This makes them ideal for fast meal preparation.
  • Convenience – Food can be cooked in the vessel it will be served in. Minimal cleanup and hassle compared to other cooking methods.
  • Energy efficiency – Microwaves use less energy than conventional ovens, which can help save on electricity costs.
  • Space saving – Their compact size means microwaves take up less counter and storage space. Great for kitchens with limited space.
  • Nutrient retention – The quick cooking helps retain more vitamins and minerals compared to other cooking methods.
  • Safety – Microwaves heat food without using a naked flame. This makes them safer than conventional gas or electric ranges.

With the advantages microwave ovens provide, it’s easy to see why they have become a staple appliance for busy home cooks. Now let’s get to those recipes!


Microwaves can cook eggs in a variety of ways. Give these microwave egg recipes a try for a fast, hot breakfast or snack.

1. Microwave Scrambled Eggs 

Photo by als_bbq

I adore Microwave Scrambled Eggs for their simplicity and fluffiness. Within minutes, I’m savoring perfectly cooked, tender eggs without the hassle of pots or pans. It’s a life-saver on busy mornings. The versatility is another charm – a blank canvas, inviting a sprinkle of herbs or cheese, tailored to my whims.

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2. Microwave Poached Egg

Photo by returntoslenderofficial

The magic of producing a perfectly poached egg in the microwave is a game changer. It’s like a culinary secret I stumbled upon. The egg, tender and delicate, with a gooey center, makes for a heavenly quick bite or an elegant topping on avocados or toast. It’s minimalism, yet profound in flavor.

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3. Microwave Omelet in a Mug

Photo by elinamama

Who doesn’t love the allure of a personal, steaming omelet served in a cozy mug? This recipe captures the essence of a hearty, customizable breakfast, all done in a microwave. Every sip is a medley of my favorite fillings, melding together, a symphony of flavors. It’s a delightful, intimate breakfast experience.

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4. Microwave Hard Boiled Eggs

Photo by afoodstagram

I was skeptical until I tried it – hard boiled eggs, perfected in the microwave. The whites are firm, the yolks luscious and it’s all done in a jiffy. I find joy in peeling away the shell, revealing a flawless, golden egg. It’s quick, consistent, and utterly reliable. A revelation indeed.

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Start your day right with these quick and easy microwave breakfast recipes.

5. Microwave Oatmeal

Photo by homezest

Nothing starts my day better than a bowl of microwave oatmeal. It’s warm, hearty, and inviting. In mere minutes, I’m wrapped in the comfort of its wholesome goodness. The freedom to top it with a colorful array of fruits, nuts, or a drizzle of honey makes each bowl uniquely mine.

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6. Microwave Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Photo by ovenbirdatx

This recipe is a gem for its convenience and gourmet touch. The sausage, juicy and flavorful, pairs impeccably with a perfectly cooked egg, all sandwiched between a toasty bun. It’s a portable breakfast, delivering a satisfying start, ensuring each busy morning is graced with a moment of savory indulgence.

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7. Microwave Breakfast Quesadilla

Photo by talldadtinykitchen

Every bite of this quesadilla is a fiesta of flavors. I relish the melting cheese, tender eggs, and zesty peppers coming together in perfect harmony. It’s a dance of textures and tastes, prepared in minutes, proving that a gratifying breakfast needn’t be complicated or time-consuming – it’s as quick as it’s delightful.

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8. Microwave Breakfast Burrito

Photo by 505localfoodie

I’m always enchanted by the allure of this burrito. In minutes, a savory ensemble of fillings nestle within a warm, soft tortilla. It’s a handful of joy, delivering varied textures and flavors in each bite. It’s my go-to for something quick yet fulfilling, turning rushed mornings into savory moments.

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Whip up easy microwave appetizers for entertaining or snacking.

9. Microwave Nachos

Photo by julies_chow

There’s an art to achieving the perfect nachos, and surprisingly, my microwave masters it. Each chip, generously adorned with melted cheese and choice toppings, is a bite of ecstasy. It’s the speed and simplicity that enamors me – from craving to indulging in a matter of minutes. A fiesta anytime I please.

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10. Microwave Cheesy Bacon Potato Bites

Photo by carolh1978

I often succumb to the siren call of these potato bites. Each morsel, a delightful crunch of bacon enwrapped in molten cheese and tender potato, is heavenly. I love that every bite is a balance of textures and flavors, an appetizer that transforms even mundane evenings into gourmet experiences within minutes.

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11. Microwave Loaded Potato Skins

Photo by momsdinnerinsta

The allure lies in the enticing mix of crisp skins, fluffy potato insides, melted cheese, and sumptuous toppings. Each bite is a symphony, and in minutes, I’m indulging in a snack that feels gourmet yet is effortlessly prepared. It’s the epitome of quick, easy indulgence; a testament to microwave magic.

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12. Microwave Buffalo Chicken Dip

Photo by yourmoment2renew

I hold a special affection for the spicy, creamy decadence of this dip. It’s a mingling of tender chicken, hot sauce, and creamy cheese that captivates my senses. Within minutes, I’m dipping and savoring, lost in its rich, spicy allure. For impromptu gatherings or solo indulgence, it’s my unfailing companion.

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Steaming vegetables in the microwave is fast, healthy and helps retain nutrients.

13. Microwave Corn on the Cob

Photo by albis.vegetariancookingpage

I’m enchanted by the way my microwave turns a simple corn cob into a juicy, tender delight. Each kernel bursts with flavor, a testament to the freshness sealed in by rapid cooking. It’s a wholesome, unadulterated treat that takes me back to nature’s simplicity, achieved quickly and effortlessly.

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14. Microwave Artichokes

Photo by palmrosetable

I treasure the tenderness and flavor preservation that microwaving brings to artichokes. It feels like a gourmet experience, each leaf tender and imbued with its natural, earthy flavors. The ease and speed of preparation make it a frequent choice, turning an ordinary evening into a culinary delight without fuss.

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15. Microwave Squash

Photo by freckle.face.foodie.kc

Microwave squash is a revelation. I’m always amazed at the texture and flavor retention, each slice tender yet vibrant. It’s a quick journey from craving to satisfaction, where the natural sweetness and succulence of the squash are stars. For a wholesome, quick side or snack, it’s a favorite.

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16. Microwave Broccoli

Photo by haomaifoodie

I have a soft spot for the bright green, tender yet crisp perfection of microwave broccoli. It’s a dance of textures and flavors, all achieved in a flash. The nutritional boost, coupled with preserved vibrancy and crunch, makes it my go-to for a healthy, quick, and delightful veggie fix.

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The microwave allows you to cook meats in a pinch without needing to fire up the stove or grill.

17. Microwave Bacon

Photo by mjswinson

The allure of crispy, savory bacon in minutes is irresistible. I’m enchanted by the uniform crispiness, the aroma filling my space, evoking breakfast nostalgia. It’s a blend of convenience and flavor perfection – each strip a testimony that quick, easy and delicious aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s a cherished breakfast luxury.

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18. Microwave Hot Dogs

Photo by bbqlads

There’s a certain magic to having a juicy, perfectly warmed hot dog in hand within minutes. It’s a quick satisfaction of savory cravings, delivering that classic, beloved flavor with minimal wait. For days when simplicity and speed are paramount, these are my delicious, dependable, and speedy comfort food.

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19. Microwave Frozen Chicken Nuggets

Photo by food_star_usa

I delight in the crispy exterior and tender, juicy inside of these nuggets. The microwave turns a frozen treat into a warm, inviting meal in minutes. It’s the epitome of instant gratification, where flavor and convenience unite, making each bite a reminder of the beauty of quick, yet savory, meals.

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20. Microwave Pork Chop

Photo by dugstergram

I never imagined a pork chop cooked in the microwave could be so tender and flavorful until I tried it. The rapid cooking locks in juices, making each bite succulent and rich. It’s a delightful discovery for days when time is scarce but the craving for a hearty meal prevails.

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Pasta and Grains

Pasta and grains like rice can be conveniently cooked in the microwave.

21. Microwave Mac and Cheese

Photo by squashedpickle

Nothing competes with the creamy, cheesy indulgence of this classic comfort food made in a jiffy. Each spoonful, rich and sumptuous, is a testament to the magic of quick cooking. It’s a delightful mix of convenience and taste, making those sudden cravings for homely warmth easily satiable. My anytime solace.

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22. Microwave Rice

Photo by champagne.tastes

The simplicity and perfection of microwave rice is unbeatable. Each grain, distinct and tender, is a result of the quick, efficient cooking. It’s my go-to base for a variety of dishes, an unsung hero that transforms meals with its understated elegance. For a flawless, quick companion to mains, it’s unrivaled.

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23. Microwave Pasta and Sauce

Photo by bs_weight_loss_for_fertility

This recipe is about indulging in the rich, heartwarming embrace of pasta doused in my favorite sauce, all done in minutes. The pasta, perfectly al dente, and the sauce, rich and inviting, create a dance of flavors that turn a quick meal into a gourmet experience. It’s my beloved quick feast.

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24. Microwave Couscous

Photo by martinalasaluteincucina

There’s an elegance to the tender, fluffy grains of couscous prepared swiftly in the microwave. It’s a canvas, ready to absorb the flavors of accompanying ingredients. Quick, yet gourmet, it’s a delightful paradox, making me savor each bite, appreciating the harmony of taste and convenience. My shortcut to a global culinary journey.

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Yes, you can even make dessert in the microwave!

25. Microwave Apples

Photo by zoegregg_wwcoach

The tender, warm, and cinnamon-kissed apples are a delightful retreat. It’s like capturing the essence of autumn in a dish. Within moments, I’m wrapped in the comforting embrace of sweet, spiced apples, each bite a reminder of the beauty in simplicity. A swift, soul-warming dessert, it’s a frequent choice.

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26. Microwave Chocolate Mug Cake

Photo by awesomecuisine

This mug cake is my quick ticket to chocolate paradise. It’s rich, moist, and decadently chocolatey. Every spoonful, warm and luscious, is a moment of indulgence. Prepared in a blink, it’s my secret weapon against sudden dessert cravings, delivering gourmet experience without the wait. A cherished, speedy indulgence.

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27. Microwave S’Mores

Photo by thesafirerose

There’s a nostalgic joy to the melted chocolate and marshmallow, nestled between graham crackers, achieved in seconds. Each bite is a trip down memory lane, where the classic campfire treat is reborn, swift and delightful. For instant gratification, echoing the fireside joys, these s’mores are my treasured pick.

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28. Microwave Bread Pudding

Photo by hajusuuri

The warm, custardy delight, studded with raisins and kissed with spice, is a joy. In mere minutes, I’m delving into a soft, sweet haven, where each bite is comfort incarnate. It’s the blend of speed and homely warmth that makes this microwave version a beloved, frequent dessert choice.

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29. Microwave Peach Crisp

Photo by girlversusdough

The bubbling, juicy peaches crowned with a crispy topping are irresistible. Each spoonful, a medley of warm fruit and crunchy crumble, is divine. Quick yet gourmet, it turns ordinary moments into cozy celebrations. For a dessert that’s as swift as it is sumptuous, this peach crisp is unparalleled.

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30. Microwave Lava Cakes

Photo by easygayoven

Each cake is a magical encounter, where the exterior’s soft cakey embrace yields to a molten, chocolate core. Ready in minutes, it’s an immediate plunge into indulgence, where warm chocolate becomes a velvety experience. For instant luxury and flavor ecstasy, these lava cakes are my go-to.

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31. Microwave Bananas Foster

Photo by park_waydinervt

I’m smitten with the caramelized bananas, bathed in a warm, rum-infused sauce. Quick and divine, it’s a dance of flavors and aromas that transform my space into a gourmet haven. A dessert that’s as sophisticated as it is swift – it’s a sensory journey, achieved in mere minutes.

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32. Microwave Cheesecake

Photo by chic_chic_chocolat

Who knew that the creamy, velvety bliss of cheesecake could be attained so swiftly? Every bite, rich and sumptuous, is a reminder of the miracle of microwave baking. It’s my shortcut to indulgence, where the classic, beloved dessert is reborn, quick yet uncompromised in its luscious allure. A cherished discovery.

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As you can see, the microwave is capable of so much more than just reheating leftovers. Get creative and you can use your microwave to make everything from complete meals to desserts and appetizers. With a little practice, you’ll discover even more quick and easy recipes to add to your microwave cooking repertoire.

Tips for Microwave Cooking Success

Follow these tips to get the best results when cooking in your microwave:

  • Use microwave-safe cookware. Glass, ceramic and plastic containers labeled microwave-safe will not melt or warp.
  • Adjust cook times as needed based on quantity, density and your microwave wattage. Watch cooking progress.
  • Food microwaves unevenly. Rearrange or stir periodically for even cooking.
  • Use lids or covers to allow steam to cook food. Vent so steam can escape.
  • Double check for cold spots that may need additional microwaving. Let food stand 1-3 minutes after cooking.
  • Adjust power levels if food is overcooking on the outer edges. Lower power = slower, more even cooking.
  • Pierce skins of foods like potatoes, hot dogs and egg yolks so they don’t explode.
  • Clean your microwave regularly to avoid grease buildup and bits of food getting stuck on cavity walls.


The microwave is an underutilized tool that can do so much more than just reheat leftovers. With a bit of creativity, you can use a microwave to cook full meals, side dishes, appetizers and even desserts in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional cooking methods.

Making the most of this handy appliance can help get dinner on the table quicker on busy weeknights. With this collection of 25 quick and easy microwave recipes, you’ll never run out of ideas for fast, family-friendly meals. Keep these recipes handy and you’ll find the microwave is one of the most useful appliances in your kitchen arsenal.

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I’m Rosie. I’m a professional chef with experience in Western, Mediterranean, and Italian cuisine. I’ve been cooking for over 15 years, and I have two daughters that keep me busy!

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