Is Duralex Glassware Microwave Safe?

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Duralex glassware has become a staple in many homes around the world. Known for its durability and thermal shock resistance, Duralex products have been trusted for generations. But many wonder – is it actually safe to use Duralex in the microwave?

The short answer is yes, Duralex glassware is microwave safe when used properly. Read on to learn why Duralex can withstand microwave heating, tips for safe microwave use, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Why Duralex Glassware is Suitable for the Microwave

Duralex glassware is made of tempered soda-lime glass that makes it highly durable and able to withstand sudden temperature changes. Here’s how it works:

  • The glass is heated to over 1,652°F (900°C) during manufacturing, which causes the outer surface to compact.
  • This compacted outer layer gives Duralex glass impact and thermal shock resistance.
  • The glass can be quickly heated or cooled from 212°F down to -4°F (100°C to -20°C) without shattering.

This makes Duralex glassware ideal for both freezing and microwave reheating. The glass is able to handle the quick temperature shift that happens when taking a dish from the freezer and directly reheating it in the microwave.

Duralex proudly stands behind their products, stating they are safe for use in the microwave. So you can confidently use your Duralex containers, mugs, plates, and other products when reheating foods.

Proper Microwave Use of Duralex Glassware

While Duralex glassware is designed to be microwave safe, there are still some precautions to take. Follow these tips when using Duralex in the microwave:

  • No metal trim. Some Duralex products may have decorative metal rims or handles. Always remove any metal before microwaving.
  • Don’t microwave when empty. Only microwave Duralex glassware when it contains food or liquid. Empty containers can lead to overheating.
  • Watch heating time. Don’t microwave any glassware for over 2-3 minutes at high power. Prolonged heating can lead to cracks or breaks.
  • Prevent superheating. Stir liquid foods once halfway through heating to prevent superheating and sudden boiling over.
  • Double check dishware. If using mixed dishware, double check that every item is marked microwave safe.
  • Allow resting time. Let glassware sit 20-30 seconds before handling so heat can equalize.

Following these precautions will keep your Duralex products safely performing for years of microwave reheating.

Is All Duralex Glass Microwave Safe?

While standard Duralex glassware is designed for microwave safety, there are a few exceptions:

  • Duralex Picardie colored glasses – These colored glass tumblers are not intended for microwave use, only for cold drinks.
  • Crystal and metallic colors – Avoid microwaving any Duralex glassware with a crystal-like or metallic painted finish. These colors contain compounds unsafe for microwaving.
  • Plastic lids – Any plastic lids or covers accompanying Duralex products should be removed before microwaving.
  • Items with metal trim – As mentioned above, remove any metal before putting Duralex glassware in the microwave.
  • Dishes with cracks or wear – Do not microwave any damaged or compromised Duralex glassware.

When in doubt, check the label on your Duralex product for the “microwave safe” designation to verify microwave suitability. Stick to plain, tempered glass drinkware and food storage containers for microwave reheating.

Microwave-Safe Duralex Products

From kitchen prep to dining, many Duralex items are regularly used to store, serve, and reheat foods. Here are some of the most popular Duralex lines that are fully microwave safe:

Storage Containers

  • Duralex Lys – Stackable tempered glass storage containers with plastic lids, offered in multiple sizes.
  • Duralex Maritime – Leakproof glass food containers with buckle closures, ideal for soups and sauces.

Plates and Bowls

  • Duralex Picardie – Classic tempered glass tumblers, drinking glasses, and bowls.
  • Duralex Kuvera – Durable, chip-resistant glass dinnerware perfect for everyday use.

Mixing and Prep

  • Duralex Prep-et-Save – Tempered glass mixing bowls with matching lids and plastic bases.
  • Duralex Ramekins – Stackable baking and prep ramekins, available in round and oval shapes.

So feel free to grab that Duralex container from the fridge and reheat leftovers without worry. Just be sure to follow the safety tips above for best results.

Microwave Use Comparison: Duralex vs. Pyrex

Duralex and Pyrex are two of the most trusted glassware brands in kitchens worldwide. But is one better suited for the microwave versus the other?

Both are made of tempered soda-lime glass designed to withstand thermal shock. However, there are some key differences:

CompositionSoda-lime glassBorosilicate glass
Manufacturing MethodTemperingHeat strengthening
Thermal Shock ResistanceExcellent, rapid temp changesVery good, gradual temp changes
Temperature Range-4°F to 212°F (-20°C to 100°C)-4°F to 392°F (-20°C to 200°C)
Microwave Safe?YesYes

The main takeaway is that both Duralex and Pyrex glassware are formulated to be microwave safe, but Pyrex might have an advantage when it comes to temperature extremes.

However, for typical microwave reheating from the fridge or freezer, Duralex performs very well. Both brands meet the safety standards expected from kitchen glassware.

So it comes down to personal preference – choose the brand you trust and follow the safety tips outlined above for worry-free microwave use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about using Duralex glassware in the microwave? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Is all Duralex glass oven and microwave safe?

No, not all Duralex glassware is intended for oven or microwave use. Items like colored tumblers and products with metallic painting or trim should be kept out of the oven and microwave. Plain, tempered soda-lime glass containers and dinnerware are microwave and oven safe.

Can Duralex go from freezer to microwave?

Yes, standard Duralex tempered glassware can safely go from freezer to microwave thanks to its thermal shock resistance. However, allow frozen foods to thaw 5-10 minutes before reheating to prevent damage.

Why can’t you microwave colored Duralex glasses?

The pigments used to create colored Duralex glassware (like the Picardie tumblers) contain compounds that can leech or deteriorate when exposed to microwave radiation and high heat. So colored Duralex glass is not formulated to safely withstand microwaving.

Can metal trimmed Duralex mugs go in microwave?

No, Duralex products with metal rims or handles should not be microwaved, as the metal can reflect microwave radiation and cause sparks or arcing. Remove any metal trim first.

Does microwaving ruin Duralex?

No, occasional short term microwave use will not ruin properly tempered Duralex glassware. However, microwaving any glassware repeatedly for long periods at very high heat can eventually cause weakening or crazing over time.

How long is it safe to microwave Duralex?

As a general rule, only microwave Duralex glassware (or any glassware) for 1-3 minutes at a time on medium to high power. Always microwave in short bursts, stirring/rotating periodically if microwaving liquid. Never microwave empty.

So in summary, yes Duralex glass products are formulated to be microwave safe when used properly. Be sure to follow the safety guidelines and avoid microwaving items like colored glass, metallic accents, and any damaged or compromised dishes. With proper care, Duralex can safely withstand the heat of microwave reheating.

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