How to Silence a Samsung Microwave

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Getting a new microwave can be an exciting purchase. However, that enthusiasm quickly fades once the beeping starts. While Samsung microwaves provide helpful alerts when cooking is complete or reminders if you forget food inside, the loud beeps can quickly become annoying. Fortunately, you can silence your Samsung microwave to stop the noise pollution in your kitchen.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to turn off the beeps on your specific Samsung microwave model.

Why Do Samsung Microwaves Beep?

Before learning how to disable that irksome beeping, it helps to understand why your Samsung microwave makes noises in the first place.

There are a few common reasons your microwave provides audible alerts:

  • Cooking Complete – The most frequent beep you’ll hear is when your microwave finished reheating or cooking your food. This beep lets you know it’s safe to open the door and remove your hot food.
  • Reminder Beep – If you accidentally leave food inside after cooking, your microwave will beep intermittently as a reminder to take out the food. This prevents accidents.
  • Door Open – Microwaves detect if the door isn’t fully closed and latched. Keeping it open can impact cooking, so it will beep until you securely close the door.
  • Timer Done – When using the built-in kitchen timer on your microwave, it will beep when the countdown completes.
  • Errors – Loud continuous beeping may indicate a problem with your microwave’s internal sensors or other malfunctions.

While the safety reminders are useful, the beeping can become an annoyance, especially if your microwave is in a high-traffic area of your home.

What Samsung Microwaves Can Be Muted?

The first question many owners ask is whether their specific Samsung microwave can actually be silenced. Unfortunately, muting functionality isn’t guaranteed across all models.

Here are some common Samsung microwaves that do not support silencing the beeps:

  • Samsung SMH1611
  • Samsung MW830WA
  • Samsung ME16H702SES
  • Samsung ME16K3000AS
  • Samsung ME17R7021ES
  • Samsung ME17R7021EW/AC

For other popular models sold in the US, UK, and Europe, you’re in luck. Most can be muted using button combinations or by activating a dedicated mute option.

We’ll cover the steps to turn off beeping for various Samsung microwaves in the next section.

How to Mute Your Samsung Microwave

The options to silence your Samsung microwave will vary depending on the specific model. We’ll provide instructions grouped by region below:

Samsung Microwaves Sold in the US

Popular Samsung microwaves sold in America have slightly different methods to mute beeping alerts.

Samsung Microwave ModelSteps to Mute
Samsung MG11T5018CCPress and hold both < and > buttons simultaneously until muted. To turn sound back on, press and hold < and > again.
Samsung ME18H704SFSSelect Options button > Tap number 3 to change sound settings > Tap number 2 to mute > Press Enter/Start to confirm.
Samsung MG11H2020CT
Samsung MS14K6000AS
Press Sound button repeatedly until display shows “OFF” > Press Start to confirm.

Samsung Microwaves Sold in the UK

For British microwave models, you’ll typically need to hold down the Start and Stop buttons together. But check your specific model below:

Samsung Microwave ModelSteps to Mute
Samsung MC28H5013ASPress and hold Start + STOP/ECO buttons together to mute.
Samsung MCS28M6055CPress and hold STOP/ECO + Microwave buttons until the indicator light blinks OFF.
Samsung MS23F301TASPress and hold Start + Stop buttons until display shows “OFF”.
Samsung MS23K3513AKPress and hold Down + STOP/ECO buttons together.
Samsung MS23K3515AKPress and hold Child Lock + STOP/ECO to mute.

Samsung Microwaves Sold in Europe

European Samsung microwave models tend to follow the same process of holding Start + Stop buttons to disable sound. But again, check your specific model number below:

Samsung Microwave ModelSteps to Mute
Samsung MG23F301TASHold Start + Stop buttons together until “OFF” appears.
Samsung MS23K3515AWPress and hold Stop/Eco + Power buttons simultaneously.
Samsung MG23K3575AWHold down Start + Stop buttons together for a few seconds.

As you can see, the basic process is similar but with small variations across Samsung’s lineup. Always refer to your microwave’s user manual to confirm the correct steps to mute beeps.

Troubleshooting Microwave Beeping Issues

Now that you know how to turn off the beeping on common Samsung models, let’s discuss some troubleshooting tips for other sound issues:

Microwave Beeps When Not in Use

If your Samsung microwave starts beeping continuously even when you aren’t actively using it, there could be an internal sensor malfunction.

Try the following solutions:

  • Unplug the microwave from power for 60 seconds to reset it, then plug back in.
  • Place a cup of water with 1 teaspoon of sugar inside. Microwave for 15-20 seconds to reset the interior sensors.

This should clear any false sensor readings causing the beeping. If not, you’ll need to contact Samsung support or arrange for appliance repair.

Can’t Find Mute Button on Microwave

Some older or cheaper Samsung models may not come equipped with sound muting capability. If you’ve checked your user manual and tried all button combinations to no avail, your particular microwave may not allow disabling beeps.

As a last resort, you can try pressing and holding the following buttons for 3-5 seconds to check for any hidden mute functions:

  • Press and hold the “0” button.
  • Press and hold the “1” button.
  • Press and hold both the Start + Stop buttons together.

If you still can’t find a way to mute your microwave, then your only options are to either upgrade to a newer model or learn to tolerate the beeps for now.

Beeping Returns After Muting

Once you’ve successfully muted your Samsung microwave, the beeping alerts shouldn’t turn back on unless you re-enable them. However, some owners report the sounds randomly returning later on.

When this happens, it’s likely an internal electrical issue with your microwave’s control board. Try unplugging the power for at least 5 minutes before plugging back in. This often resets the controls and your muted settings should stick.

If the beeping keeps reverting no matter what, contact Samsung to troubleshoot the problem or request a replacement under warranty if still eligible.

Is It Safe to Open the Microwave Before It Finishes Beeping?

Once you’ve silenced those obnoxious beeps, you might wonder if it’s safe to open the door mid-cycle before the cooking time is complete.

Rest assured there is no radiation risk from opening the door early. The inner chamber immediately stops emitting microwaves as soon as you open it.

However, keep in mind the contents like food or beverages can still be extremely hot and dangerous right out of the microwave. Always use oven mitts and remove containers slowly to avoid scalding injuries.

The beeping alerts do provide helpful warnings that contents are hot and unsafe to handle immediately. So only disable sounds permanently if you are certain you can remember to still exercise caution when opening the door to check on food early.

Enjoy the Silence!

We hope this guide gave you a better understanding of why Samsung microwaves beep, how to mute the sounds on your specific model, and some tips for troubleshooting other microwave noise issues.

While beeping can be useful for safety and convenience, it also drives many owners crazy. Now you can cook and reheat food without all the annoying alerts. Just be extra careful when opening the door before the cycle officially completes.

With your Samsung microwave now muted, you can finally have some peace and quiet in the kitchen. No more jarring beeps when cooking is done or interrupting dinner conversations. Just sweet, blessed silence.

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