How to Set Clock on Frigidaire Microwave – A Step-by-Step Guide

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The clock on your Frigidaire microwave not only allows you to keep track of time but also ensures accurate cooking and defrosting. Since microwaves reset after power outages, you may frequently need to set the clock on your Frigidaire microwave.

Setting the clock is usually a straightforward process on most Frigidaire models. However, some models do not have a dedicated clock button, which can make setting the time a bit tricky.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to set the clock on any Frigidaire microwave model. We’ll also provide tips on resetting the clock when needed and troubleshooting any clock issues you may encounter.

How to Set the Clock on Frigidaire Microwaves

Microwaves with a Dedicated Clock Button

Most Frigidaire microwave ovens come with a button specifically for setting the clock. It has a clock icon on it and is typically located near the timer button.

Follow these simple steps to set the clock on Frigidaire microwaves with a dedicated clock button:

  1. Press the button labeled Clock or that has a clock icon.
  2. Use the number keys to enter the current time. For example, to set the clock to 3:30, press 3, 3, 0.
  3. Press the Start or Enter button to save the set time.

And that’s it! The clock will start displaying the correct time.

Microwaves Without a Clock Button

Some Frigidaire models do not have a separate clock button. For these microwaves, the clock is integrated with other functions.

You’ll need to consult the user manual to find out how to access the clock setting on your specific model. Here are some common ways to set the clock on Frigidaire microwaves without a dedicated clock button:

  • Use the Kitchen Timer Button: On some models, pressing and holding the Kitchen Timer button for 3 seconds brings up the clock setting.
  • Use the Add 30 Sec Button: Pressing and holding the Add 30 Sec button reveals the clock setting on certain models.
  • Use the Cook Time Button: Holding the Cook Time button for a few seconds enables you to set the clock.
  • Use Number Keys: Inputting a code like “113” or “121” with the number keys sets the clock on some models.

Once you access the clock setting, input the current time with the number pad and press Start to confirm.

When Should You Reset the Microwave Clock?

Here are some common situations that require resetting the clock on your Frigidaire microwave:

  • Power outage: A disruption in power will turn off the microwave. When power is restored, you’ll need to reset the clock.
  • Unplugging the microwave: Unplugging the microwave, even briefly, will reset the clock. Plug it back in and reset the time.
  • After resetting the microwave: Resetting or restarting the microwave typically resets the clock too.
  • Not keeping correct time: If you notice the clock is off, you can manually reset it to the right time.
  • After servicing or repair: Any repair work on the microwave will require resetting the clock afterward.

Resetting the clock after any of these events is quick and simple. Just follow the same steps outlined above for your specific model.

Troubleshooting Clock Issues on Frigidaire Microwave

While problems with the microwave clock are rare, you may encounter a few annoying issues:

Clock resets after power outage but not after unplugging: This indicates a problem with the capacitor that holds time settings. You may need a capacitor replacement.

Clock doesn’t keep time accurately: Faulty wiring or a low battery is likely the issue. Have an appliance technician inspect and fix it.

Digits fade or disappear: This suggests a problem with the display board which may need to be replaced.

Can’t access clock settings: If none of the codes or button combinations work, consult the manual or contact support to determine how to access the clock.

Microwave shuts off after a few seconds: The thermal fuse may have blown. Have it checked and replaced if needed.

If the clock fails despite your best efforts, the microwave may need professional servicing.

Accessing Frigidaire Microwave Manuals

The user manual that came with your Frigidaire microwave contains important model-specific information, instructions, and troubleshooting advice.

If you can’t find the physical copy, you can access an electronic version online:

  1. Note down your microwave’s model number printed on the label inside the door.
  2. Go to the Frigidaire support website.
  3. Click on Product Support and enter your model number.
  4. Select your specific model and click on Manuals and Downloads.
  5. Download the user manual for detailed guidance.

Reading the manual can help you learn how to set the clock, use different functions, and resolve issues on your Frigidaire microwave model.

Contacting Frigidaire Support

If you need further assistance setting the clock or troubleshooting issues on your Frigidaire microwave, contact their helpful support team:

  • Online chat – Available on the support website from 8:30 am to 8 pm on weekdays.
  • Support phone – Call 1-800-374-4432 between 8:30 am and 8 pm EST on weekdays.

Frigidaire customer support can guide you to set the clock correctly on your microwave model or diagnose and resolve any problems you may experience.

FAQs About Frigidaire Microwave Clocks

What causes a Frigidaire microwave to stop working?

The magnetron burning out is the most common reason a Frigidaire microwave stops heating or cooking food properly. The magnetron generates the microwaves that cook food. When it fails, the microwave ceases to function correctly.

How long do Frigidaire microwaves last?

With regular household use, Frigidaire microwaves typically last between 6-10 years. Heavy use causes wear and tear and can shorten the lifespan to 4-5 years before needing replacement. Proper maintenance and usage helps extend the working life of your microwave.

Why does my Frigidaire microwave turn off after three seconds?

If the microwave runs briefly then shuts off after 2-3 seconds, the likely culprit is a blown thermal fuse. This is a safety device that prevents the microwave from overheating. Have an appliance repair technician check and replace the thermal fuse if needed.

How do I find my Frigidaire model number?

The model number label is printed on the inside of the microwave door frame. Open the door fully and look around the opening for a label that begins with “Frigidaire” followed by a series of letters and numbers. That alphanumeric code is the model number.

Final Thoughts on Frigidaire Microwave Clocks

Keeping the clock accurate ensures your Frigidaire microwave functions properly for defrosting, cooking, and reheating. Resetting the clock is quick and simple on most models.

For microwaves without a dedicated clock button, consult the manual or support website to learn how to access the clock setting. Schedule periodic resets after power outages to maintain correct time.

Promptly troubleshoot any clock-related issues you face to restore full functionality. With proper care and maintenance, your Frigidaire microwave can serve your family for many years.

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