How to Mute a Kenmore Microwave

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Muting the beeps and alarms on your Kenmore microwave can make a big difference, especially if you do a lot of late night snacking or early morning cooking. The constant beeping can be disruptive and wake up light sleepers. Fortunately, Kenmore microwaves have a simple mute function to turn off the sounds.

Press and Hold the Number 2 Button

The most common way to mute a Kenmore microwave is to press and hold the number 2 button for 5 seconds. This will mute most of the audible alarms and beeps, including:

  • Cooking cycle start and stop beeps
  • Timer expiration beep
  • Door open warning beep
  • Other alert tones

To unmute the microwave, simply press and hold the 2 button again for 5 seconds. The sound will be re-enabled.

Use the Dedicated Mute or Sound Button

Some Kenmore models have a dedicated Mute or Sound button instead of using the number 2 button. Check your microwave’s control panel for a button labeled MuteSound, or with a speaker icon. Press this button to toggle mute on and off.

Try Other Buttons

If the number 2 and Mute/Sound buttons don’t work, consult your Kenmore microwave manual. Some models require you to press and hold a different button like Start or Cancel to mute the sound.

Mute Specific Sounds

In addition to globally muting the Kenmore microwave, you may be able to mute specific sounds:

  • End of cooking cycle beep – Press and hold the number 1 button
  • Timer expiration beep – Press and hold the Clock or Kitchen Timer button
  • Door open warning – Press and hold the number 3 button
  • Keypress tones – Press and hold the number 5 button

Refer to your owner’s manual for details on muting specific sounds.

Microwave Mute FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about muting sounds and alarms on Kenmore microwaves.

Does pressing mute stop all sound from the microwave?

Yes, when you activate the global mute function it will silence all beeps, tones, and alarms on the Kenmore microwave. This includes muting the beep when you start cooking, the beep when the timer expires, the door open warning beep, and any other electronic tones the microwave normally makes. With mute enabled, the microwave will operate completely silently.

Do the mute settings save when I unplug or lose power to the microwave?

Unfortunately, on most Kenmore microwave models the mute settings do not save when power is lost or the microwave is unplugged. The mute function has to be re-enabled each time you restart the microwave after power loss. Some higher end models may retain mute settings when reset, but the majority will default back to unmuted operation when restarted.

Is there a way to mute just the turntable motor noise on my microwave?

No, there is no way to mute or turn off the mechanical turntable motor noise on a Kenmore microwave. The mute function only works on electronic beeps and tones generated by the microwave controls. It does not affect mechanical sounds like the turntable motor, ventilation fan, or noises made by food cooking. You can only mute the electronic alarms designed by the manufacturer.

Is it safe to operate my Kenmore microwave with the sound muted?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to run your Kenmore microwave with the mute function activated. Muting does not disable any safety features or alarms – it simply silences the audible tones and beeps. Important warnings like the door open alarm should still sound even with mute on. Mute only affects non-essential sounds so there are no safety concerns with a muted microwave.

Why does the mute function not work when I try to use it on my Kenmore microwave?

If the mute instructions in this guide don’t successfully mute your Kenmore microwave, first check your owner’s manual for model-specific directions. Some microwaves may require pressing and holding a different button or sequence of buttons to activate mute, like Start or Cancel. Make sure you are pressing and holding the button for at least 5 seconds as shorter presses may not engage the mute setting. If you still cannot get the mute feature to work, your microwave may need servicing by a technician.


Muting the sounds on your Kenmore microwave is a convenient way to avoid disruptive beeps and alarms, especially for nighttime cooking or reheating. Try pressing and holding the number 2 button for 5 seconds to mute most models. If that doesn’t work, check for a dedicated Mute or Sound button, or consult your owner’s manual for the proper button sequence.

Remember that mute settings don’t save when powered off on most models. While muted, your microwave will operate safely sans the audible tones. With these simple steps, you can make your Kenmore microwave as quiet as you need it to be.

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