Can You Paint a Microwave? Expert Tips for a Fresh Look

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Is your old microwave looking dull or outdated? Do you wish it matched the rest of your kitchen’s style? Upgrading to a new microwave can be expensive. Luckily, there’s a budget-friendly solution—paint! With the right type of heat-resistant paint and proper preparation, you can paint the interior or exterior of your microwave to give it a fresh new look.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about safely painting a microwave. From recommended paint types to step-by-step instructions, you’ll be ready to transform the look of your microwave without breaking the bank. Read on to learn how quick and easy it is to paint your way to a stylish, customized microwave.

So, can you paint a microwave? Yes, you can paint a microwave as long as you use heat-resistant appliance paint. For safety, only paint the exterior and avoid any vents or openings. Thoroughly clean the microwave first and allow 24-48 hours for the paint to cure before use. Specialty enamel and epoxy spray paints designed for appliances work best. Follow all preparation and application instructions for best results and to safely transform the look of your microwave.

Benefits of Painting a Microwave

Here are some of the benefits of painting your microwave:

  • Cost savings: Buying a can of spray paint is much cheaper than purchasing a brand new microwave. You can update the look for a fraction of the price.
  • Customization: Painting allows you to match your microwave to your kitchen’s decor. Choose any color or create your own pattern.
  • Quick update: It doesn’t take long to spray paint a microwave. You can refresh the look in just an afternoon.
  • Hide flaws: Painting can conceal scratches, faded paint, or other imperfections. It makes an older microwave look like new again.

What Type of Paint to Use

You must use special heat-resistant appliance paint when painting a microwave. Standard craft paints or spray paints are not formulated to withstand heat.

Look for these types of microwave-safe paint:

  • Appliance epoxy paint: Epoxy formulas are extremely durable and designed for high temperatures. Rust-Oleum makes several appliance epoxy paints in spray cans.
  • Enamel paint: Often found in spray cans as well, enamels provide a smooth, glass-like finish that won’t degrade under heat.

Before purchasing a can of paint, always verify that it is approved for use on kitchen appliances. The can should state “heat-resistant”, “appliance paint”, or “high heat” on the label.

Safety Tips for Painting a Microwave

Painting a microwave is safe if you take the right precautions:

  • Always paint the exterior only. Painting the interior has more risks.
  • Clean thoroughly to remove grease and food debris before painting.
  • Keep paint away from vents and any openings.
  • Allow 24-48 hours for paint to cure before using the microwave.
  • Use a degreaser like diluted vinegar when cleaning prior to painting.
  • Avoid spraying near open flames since paint fumes are flammable.
  • Only paint over peeling paint on a microwave if you completely strip the peeling paint first.

With the proper microwave-safe paint and safety steps, painting the exterior of a microwave should not pose any risks.

How to Paint a Microwave

Follow these steps to properly prep and paint your microwave:

Supplies Needed

  • Microwave-safe appliance paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Sandpaper or steel wool
  • Paper towels, rags
  • Tack cloth
  • Paintbrush and/or paint sprayer


  1. Unplug the microwave. Make sure it is cool and powered off.
  2. Clean the interior and exterior with mild soap and water. Scrub off any grease or food spots.
  3. Sand the exterior lightly with fine sandpaper. This helps the paint adhere. Wipe away dust.
  4. Mask any areas you don’t want painted like vents or the window. Use painter’s tape.
  5. Apply a tack cloth to pick up any remaining dust.
  6. Shake the paint can vigorously and paint even coats using sweeping motions. Let dry completely between coats.
  7. Allow paint to cure for 24-48 hours before using the microwave.
  8. Re-heat food in 30 second intervals at first, checking for any paint odors.

With these simple steps, you can achieve a freshly painted microwave in just an afternoon. Take your time prepping the surface and applying the paint. Take all safety precautions when working around kitchen appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint is safe for the inside of a microwave?

Use high-heat enamel appliance paint only. Check that the paint is specifically made for the interior of appliances. Rust-Oleum makes an interior enamel spray paint.

Can I use spray paint on a microwave?

Yes, as long as you use an appliance-safe spray paint. Standard craft spray paint is not formulated for high heats. Purchase a spray can of appliance epoxy enamel instead.

How long does it take for microwave paint to cure?

Allow 24-48 hours of curing time before using the freshly painted microwave. Test it at first in 30 second intervals, checking for paint odors.

What causes paint to peel inside a microwave?

Repeated high heat exposure can cause paint to bubble, crack, and peel. Using the wrong type of paint that is not heat resistant is another common cause of peeling paint inside a microwave.

Is it safe to use a microwave with peeling paint?

No, do not use a microwave that has peeling paint inside. This poses serious safety risks including fire hazards and releasing toxic fumes. Replace any microwave with peeling interior paint.


Painting a microwave is an affordable and easy way to transform the look of your kitchen. With the right heat-resistant appliance paint and proper preparation, you can paint the interior or exterior of your microwave safely. Always use caution when working around any electrical appliances and allow adequate drying time.

With some simple supplies, safety measures, and a little creativity, you can customize your microwave to match your kitchen’s unique style. Painting provides a budget-friendly update that makes your microwave look brand new again without spending money on a replacement.

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