Can You Microwave Yeti Cups and Tumblers? (Answered)

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Yeti cups and tumblers are popular products for keeping drinks hot or cold for extended periods of time. These products are designed to be used for camping, outdoor activities, travel, or just around the office. But can you microwave them? That’s the question we will be exploring in this blog post. 

Overview of Yeti Products 

Yeti is a well-known brand for its wide range of vacuum-insulated stainless steel drinkware products that keep your drinks hot or cold as long as possible. From coffee mugs and tumblers to beer pints and wine glasses, Yeti has a product tailored to fit nearly every lifestyle. 

All these products are made from stainless steel and feature a vacuum seal to reduce heat transfer between the inside and outside of the cup. This allows Yeti cups and tumblers to maintain the temperature of your drink much longer than regular ceramic mugs or plastic water bottles. 

Can You Put a Yeti Cup or Tumbler in a Microwave?  

No, you should not put a Yeti cup or tumbler in a microwave oven under any circumstances. The manufacturer clearly states in their website that microwaving Yeti products is not recommended.

The main purpose of using these products is to keep drinks at their desired temperature for an extended period of time, not as containers for microwaving food items.

Even if you try to microwave your Yeti cup or tumbler, it will not get heated up or it will take a lot of time because it’s made of metal material that does not allow microwaves to pass through it.

Furthermore, there is always a risk associated with microwaving metal materials since sparks may occur due to arcing which could potentially damage your microwave oven as well as your Yeti product itself. Therefore, it is best advised against microwaving any type of metal material including Yeti cups and tumblers. 

What Happens if You Put a Yeti Cup or Tumbler in the Microwave?  

While it is strongly recommended against putting any type of metallic material into the microwave oven due to potential safety hazards such as sparks caused by arcing, some people have managed to microwave their Yeti cup or tumbler without any major incident albeit with more time taken to heat the beverage inside.

However, regardless of whether it was done successfully or not, microwaving any type of metal material can be very dangerous and should always be avoided. There were a lot of cases where people suffered from serious injuries as a result of trying to microwave any type of metallic material.

Therefore it is always wise not to take unnecessary risks when dealing with electrical appliances like microwaves – even if you are just curious about microwaving something like a stainless steel mug – because accidents can happen.

The Best Way to Heat up Beverages in a Yeti Cup or Tumbler

The good news is that there are other ways to safely heat up your beverage without using a microwave. One option is by transferring the beverage into a microwave-safe container such as an oven-safe glass jar or mug before placing it in the microwave for heating purposes.

Another option is to use a stovetop kettle or pot on low heat if your source of power does not have access to a microwave oven. Other than these two methods, there are also other ways one can heat up their beverages such as using an electric kettle, a hot plate or even a campfire.

No matter which method you choose, always remember only after the beverage has been heated up to the desired temperature in a safe container, should you transfer it to your Yeti cup or tumbler.

My Favorite Microwave Safe Cups and Tumblers

If you are looking for a good quality microwave-safe cup or tumbler, here are some of my favorite options:

1. Sistema Microwave Soup Mug

The Sistema Microwave Soup Mug is a fantastic product for anyone looking to heat up their soup or favorite drink quickly and conveniently. This mug is specifically made for microwaving, with a steam vent to prevent any splatter during the process.

Not only that, but it’s also completely BPA-free, meaning you can enjoy your meal or beverage without worrying about any harmful chemicals entering your body.

The handle of this mug is particularly helpful as it stays cool even after being heated up in the microwave; this is because the mug is made from plastic instead of metal like some other mugs would be. Furthermore, its plastic material makes it fridge, freezer and top rack dishwasher-safe, giving you plenty of options when it comes to storing and cleaning it after use.

It’s no surprise then that over 10,000 shoppers on Amazon have given this mug a perfect five-star rating; its features clearly make life so much easier for those who are always on the go.

2. Tervis Insulated Tumbler

The next product on my list is the Tervis Insulated Tumbler, which has been a longtime favorite of mine for keeping my beverages hot or cold on the go.

This tumbler is made from a lightweight, durable, and BPA-free plastic called Tritan. Not only does this material make the mug strong and long-lasting, but it also makes the mug easy to take with you anywhere.

The double-walled and insulated construction of this insulated tumbler helps to keep your hot drinks warm and your cold drinks cool for much longer than traditional mugs. Additionally, the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold while drinking your beverage.


In conclusion, it is highly advised against putting any type of metallic material including stainless steel mugs like those from YETI into the microwave oven due to potential safety hazards associated with arcing caused by electric sparks which could potentially damage both your product and the appliance itself.

While some people have reported experiences where they were able to remove their YETI cup from the microwave without causing any harm – this should never be attempted unless you are willing to risk damaging both your YETI product as well as your appliance!

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