Can You Microwave Toaster Strudels? (Answered)

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microwave toaster strudels

Toaster strudels are a delicious breakfast pastry that can be found in the frozen aisle of most supermarkets. They come in a variety of flavors from classic strawberry to more adventurous fillings like wildberry.

Toaster strudels are easy to prepare; simply pop them in the toaster and voila! You have a delicious breakfast treat. However, what if you’re short on time? Is it possible to microwave toaster strudels?

Can You Microwave Toaster Strudels?

The answer is yes, you can microwave toaster strudels. It’s a preferred method of cooking if you’re short on time since it only takes a few minutes. However, don’t expect the same results as if you had toasted them. Microwaving toaster strudels will result in a softer, succulent pastry.

Cooking toaster strudels in the microwave has both pros and cons. On the plus side, they cook faster than if you bake them in the oven. They’re also easy to clean up since there’s no messy coating to deal with.

However, the downside is that they don’t have a crunchy coating like they do when you bake them in the oven, but you can use a microwave crisper pan to get a little bit of a crispy texture.

How Long Should You Microwave Toaster Strudels?

It only takes about 30 to 45 seconds to cook one or two toaster strudels in the microwave. Of course, time may vary depending on the wattage of your microwave. For this post, I use 1000 watts as a baseline.

If your microwave is higher or lower in wattage, you may need to adjust the time accordingly. I would start with 30 seconds and then add time in 10-second intervals until they’re done to your liking.

How to Cook Toaster Strudels in The Microwave

Here are the basic steps for cooking toaster strudels in the microwave:

  1. Remove the toaster strudel from the packaging and place it on a microwave-safe plate.
  2. Microwave on high for 30 seconds, flip it over, and then microwave for another 10 seconds.
  3. Check to see if the toaster strudel is heated through. If not, microwave for another 10 seconds.
  4. Let the toaster strudel cool for a few seconds in the microwave before removing it.
  5. Carefully remove the toaster strudel from the microwave.
  6. Spread the icing that comes with the toaster strudel on top.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

As mentioned before, the problem with microwaving toaster strudels is that you won’t get that nice, crispy coating. If you have a microwave toaster oven combo, you can use the toaster setting to crisp up the outside.

If you don’t have a microwave toaster oven combo, you can use a microwave crisper pan. This is a special pan that is designed to crisp up food in the microwave. I’ve used it before and it works great.

To use a microwave crisper pan, simply preheat the pan in the microwave according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, place the toaster strudel on the crisper pan and cook it according to the instructions above.

Safety Tips for Microwaving Toaster Strudels

While it may be tempting to just nuke your breakfast pastry and hope for the best, there are a few things you should know first. Here are 3 safety tips everyone should know before microwaving toaster strudels.

1. Use a Microwave-Safe Dish

You may be tempted to just put your toaster strudel right on any plate, but if you don’t use a microwave-safe dish you could end up with a big mess. Microwave-safe dishes are made of materials that can withstand the heat of a microwave. In addition, they help to distribute the heat evenly so your food comes out evenly cooked.

2. Cook in Batches

Trying to cook too many toaster strudels at once can lead to uneven cooking and, in some cases, burnt food. When microwaving your breakfast pastries, be sure to cook them in batches so that each one has enough time to cook evenly.

3. Thaw Frozen Toaster Strudels Before Cooking

For the best results, you should always thaw frozen toaster strudels before cooking them in the microwave. This will help to ensure that you won’t get foodborne illnesses. To thaw them, simply remove them from the freezer and let them sit at room temperature for about an hour or two.

How to Store and Reheat Microwave Toaster Strudels

If you have leftovers, you can store them in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days. You can also freeze them for up to 2 months. Wrap each toaster strudel individually in plastic wrap before freezing and store them in a freezer-safe bag.

When you’re ready to eat your toaster strudel, simply remove it from the freezer and let it thaw at room temperature for about an hour or two. Then, microwave it in 10 -second intervals until it’s heated through.

Alternative Ways to Cook Toaster Strudels

If you’re looking for an alternative way to cook your toaster strudels, there are three options. Here’s a quick overview of each method so you can decide which one is right for you.

Toaster Oven

This is the traditional way to cook toaster strudels. To do this, toast on medium heat for about 10 minutes or until the pastry is golden brown.


The oven is a great alternative to the toaster oven because it will give you a nice, crispy coating. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for 10 minutes.

Air Fryer

If you’re looking for a healthier option, you can cook your toaster strudels in an air fryer. Simply preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and cook for about 7 minutes.

5 Delicious Topping Ideas For Your Toaster Strudels

There are endless possibilities for delicious toppings to make your Toaster Strudel even better. Here are 5 of my favorites:

  1. Ice Cream: Start with a warm Toaster Strudel, top it with a scoop (or two) of your favorite ice cream, and you’ve got yourself a heavenly breakfast treat. Bonus points if you drizzle some chocolate sauce on top!
  2. Jam and Fruit: Another classic topping combination that is sure to please. Spread on some jam, and top with fresh berries or sliced fruit.
  3. Nutella: Yum! Need we say more? Simply spread Nutella on your Toaster Strudel for a decadent breakfast treat.
  4. Cream Cheese and Jam: If you’re looking for something a little more savory, try this combination. Spread cream cheese on your Toaster Strudel, and top with jam.
  5. Vanilla Glaze: This one is so good, it almost doesn’t need any toppings at all! Simply drizzle vanilla glaze over your Toaster Strudel and enjoy as is or top with fresh fruit for a truly special treat.


So, can you microwave toaster strudels? The answer is yes – and it’s a great way to save time if you’re short on it. Simply follow the steps outlined above, and in no time at all, you’ll have a delicious breakfast pastry. However, keep in mind that microwaving toaster strudels will result in a softer texture than if you had baked them in the oven.

So, if you’re looking for a crispy pastry, you may want to stick to the toaster oven or oven methods. But if you’re in a hurry and just looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, the microwave is definitely the way to go.

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