Can You Microwave Paper Bags?

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Paper bags are a kitchen staple, but should you put them in the microwave? Here’s a deep dive into the safety, risks, and alternatives when it comes to microwaving paper bags.

Here’s a quick answer: No, paper bags should not be microwaved. Heating paper bags in the microwave poses serious fire hazards and releases toxic chemicals into foods. Standard paper lunch bags, brown paper bags, and paper takeout containers can all catch fire or contaminate food when microwaved. Instead, transfer foods to microwave-safe ceramics and use wax paper or other bags rated safe for microwave cooking. Never microwave plain paper bags.

A Brief History of Paper Bags

Paper bags have been around since the early 1850s, when the first brown paper bag was invented. Later innovations like Margaret Knight’s paper bag machine allowed mass production. The materials and construction have remained largely the same over the past 150+ years.

Most paper bags today are made from wood pulp. The pulp is processed to extract cellulose fibers, which are then dried and flattened into paper sheets. These sheets are folded and glued into the familiar bag shapes we know. From lunch sacks to shopping bags, they have many uses around the home.

The Potential Risks of Microwaving Paper

Heating paper in the microwave seems harmless enough. So why shouldn’t you do it?

Fire Hazard

One major risk is fire. Paper is flammable, and microwaves heat unevenly. Thinner single-ply bags can overheat or catch fire if cooked too long. No one wants burned paper residue or smoke filling their microwave!

Toxic Chemical Release

The glue, dyes, and inks used in paper products contain toxic compounds. At high heat, these can leak out of the paper and contaminate your food. Microwaving paper allows chemicals to migrate to your meals.

Bacteria Growth

Heating paper bags also creates a breeding ground for bacteria. The warm, damp environment of a microwaved bag is ideal for harmful bacterial growth. Salmonella and E. coli are serious risks.

Expert Warnings Against Microwaving Paper

With the potential for fires, food contamination, and illness, it’s no wonder experts warn against this practice.

The U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service strongly advises against cooking with paper bags in the microwave. Even benign paper lunch bags harbor risks when heated.

Many recycling facilities also will not accept microwaved paper products. The chemical residues make the paper non-recyclable.

Don’tBetter Options
Paper lunch bagsWax paper bags, microwave-safe plastic bags
Paper takeout bagsTransfer food to ceramic plate or bowl
Pizza delivery boxesRemove box and microwave pizza on plate
Paper towelsPaper towels meant for cooking, like Viva®
NewspapersCeramic mug or plate

Microwave Paper Bag Alternatives

You don’t have to give up quick microwaving entirely. There are paper materials made specifically to withstand microwave heat.

  • Wax paper bags won’t ignite or release chemicals. The wax coating makes them moisture-resistant.
  • Parchment paper is another non-stick option safe for microwave use.
  • Microwave-safe plastic wrap or bags. Opt for BPA-free bags when possible.
  • Glass or ceramic microwave-safe cookware. Transfer takeout food from paper containers.
  • Choose paper towel products rated for microwave cooking.


Paper bags are better off kept out of the microwave due to fire risks and chemical contamination. With convenient alternatives like wax paper cooking bags, there’s no reason to chance it.

When in doubt, transfer food to microwave-safe plates, bowls, mugs, and wraps. Never microwave paper takeout containers or boxes either. By understanding the risks and avoiding questionable practices, you can make smart choices for safe microwave cooking.

FAQs About Microwaving Paper Bags

Still have questions? Here are some frequently asked questions with answers:

Is it safe to microwave brown paper lunch bags?

No. Standard brown paper lunch bags present a fire hazard and release chemicals when microwaved. Opt for wax paper bags or plastic bags rated as microwave-safe. Never microwave plain paper lunch bags.

Can I microwave popcorn in a paper bag?

Butter-flavored microwave popcorn bags are designed and treated for microwave use. However, it’s still best practice to transfer popped popcorn to a bowl rather than cook or store in the paper bag. Any plain paper bags run major risks of burning or contaminating food.

What about pizza boxes – can I microwave those?

Pizza delivery boxes often contain inks, dyes, and recycled content that reacts poorly to microwave energy. Always remove the pizza from the box before reheating in the microwave. Use a ceramic plate or platter instead.

Are paper towels safe to microwave?

Some paper towels are manufactured specifically for microwave cooking use, like Viva® paper towels. Check the product labeling before use. Standard paper towels can burn easily and should be kept away from the microwave.

Can I use plain newspaper or paper plates in the microwave?

No. Newspaper inks and paper plates pose contamination hazards. Never microwave newspaper, paper plates, paper napkins, or other paper products unless they are specifically labeled as safe for microwave use. When in doubt, don’t microwave it!

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