Can I Put Toilet Papers In The Microwave? (Answered)

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can you microwave toilet paper

So last night I was feeling pretty snacky and decided to heat up some frozen onion rings. But when I went to grab a paper towel or napkin, I realized that we were all out.

So I thought to myself, “No big deal, I’ll just use toilet paper.” But then I stopped and thought, “Wait a minute, is this really a good idea?”

I mean, sure, toilet paper is absorbent. But it’s also designed to disintegrate quickly when it gets wet. So if my onion ring was dripping with grease, would the toilet paper really be able to handle it?

Plus, it’s not like I could just use one or two sheets and be done with it. I’d probably need a whole roll!

After browsing the internet for a while, I found that it’s actually a pretty controversial topic. Some people say that it’s perfectly safe to use toilet paper as a microwave liner, while others say that it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

So what’s the real story? Can you put toilet paper in the microwave or not?

So, Can You Put Toilet Papers In The Microwave?

Here’s what I found out after trying to put toilet paper in the microwave:

Yes, you can technically put toilet paper in the microwave. However, it’s not recommended because it doesn’t hold up well to heat and grease. The paper will likely turn to mush, and it’s also not exactly sanitary.

If you do decide to use toilet paper as a cover for your food, make sure to use a small amount and keep an eye on it while it’s cooking. But honestly, it’s just easier (and safer) to use wax paper, parchment paper, or even a paper towel instead.

Can You Dry Toilet Paper In The Microwave?

Toilet paper is an essential item in many households, and its role is self-explanatory. It is used to, well, clean up after using the toilet.

However, sometimes there can be a need to dry it out quickly, such as when it has accidentally gotten wet. In such cases, people often wonder if they can pop it in the microwave for a quick drying session.

Unfortunately, trying to dry toilet paper in the microwave is not a good idea.

Not only will it not actually dry, but it could also cause a fire. The heat from the microwave will cause the moisture in the toilet paper to evaporate, but it will also cause the paper to ignite.

In addition, the smoke from the burning toilet paper could potentially damage your microwave and quickly fill your home. So it’s just not worth the risk!

Are All Papers Microwave Safe?

While not all papers are safe to microwaves, many are. Plain paper plates, paper towels, wax paper, parchment paper, and some paper bowls are all able to withstand microwave heat without causing any problems.

Although paper towels, wax paper, and parchment paper can be microwaved, but you should make sure to do it at a medium power and only for 2 minutes maximum to keep it safe.

However, other paper products like paper bags, boxes, and containers should never be put in the microwave, as they can easily catch fire or release toxins (also read: Is it safe to heat paper bags in the microwave?).

Newspaper is also a no-no, as it’s not sanitary and can leach ink into your food and release toxins. The same goes for paper plates that have been coated with plastic or wax, as the chemicals can seep into your food when heated.

So when in doubt, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and avoid microwaving any paper product that isn’t specifically marked as microwave-safe.

Why Do You Want To Wrap Your Food In Microwave-Safe Paper?

One common reason to use microwave-safe paper is to prevent splattering. When you heat up food in the microwave, sometimes the liquid can start to boil and splatter all over the inside of the oven.

This can be difficult to clean and may also cause the food to become less safe to eat. Microwave-safe paper helps to prevent this from happening by providing a barrier between the food and the microwaves.

Another reason to use microwave-safe paper is to keep it from getting soggy . This is especially important for foods that are prone to absorbing microwaves more than others, than others, such as burrito or pizza.

By wrapping them in microwave-safe paper, you can help to keep them from getting too moist and ruining their texture.


So there you have it! Now you know whether or not it’s safe to put toilet paper in the microwave. Just remember that it’s not the best idea, and there are plenty of other safe options available, so there’s no need to take any unnecessary risks.

Thanks for reading!

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